access2agile is a rapidly growing consulting company.

Offices in Cologne and Munich, providing companies with easy and efficient access to agility for their digital transformation needs.



Our focus is on overcoming complex challenges and creating a trustworthy environment of continuous improvement. We are committed to creating value in all its forms, from our team network to the development of unique and valuable products and services. Our success is built on the passion and dedication of our team members, who constantly strive for improvement and innovation. With years of experience consulting with groups, teams, and executives, we know exactly how to help our clients achieve success through targeted investments and measures.

At access2agile, we embrace a culture of constant change and adaptation. Trust and mutual appreciation are the foundation of our culture, and we expect our team members to embody our values in everything they do. Our values are not just words on a page – we strive to live and breathe them in all aspects of our work, from interactions with each other and our clients to the development of our products and services.

  • Our team is a network of mutual inspiration, support and trust. We treat each other with respect, appreciation and at eye level. Our individual diversity is our common strength.#weareaccess2agile
  • We assume holistic responsibility within our teams and thus jointly develop services and products with the highest level of expertise. Our personal development is the foundation for access2agile’s sustainable growth. #wegrowtogether
  • We see our customers as partners on a shared journey. our expertise means we are always thinking one step ahead and ensure that our customers can rely on us so that we can achieve the goals we have set together. With pragmatism and strategic foresight, we can solve challenges and target undreamed-of goals. #wearepartners

access2agile was founded in 2017 by Philip Gres in Cologne, Germany. The company has since experienced steady growth and expanded to Munich in 2021 with Johann Wolkow as a partner. In the same year, Access2agile also established a partnership with Design Offices, which allows employees to work in 45 offices in 15 German cities and offering climate neutral work spaces for everyone at Access2Agile. With nearly 40 employees, Access2agile continues to grow, helping companies across various industries navigate complex challenges and supporting their digital transformation journeys. Our commitment to cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation has been the driving force behind our success, and we are proud to have made significant strides in our mission to provide companies with fast and uncomplicated access to agility.

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