Introducing the Agile Toolbox

Your virtual method case for agile and contemporary collaboration.



Say goodbye to endless hours spent preparing for workshops and hello to more time for content topics. With more than 100 professional and proven tools in one toolbox, the Agile Toolbox provides bundled knowledge on the most important agile topics. Whether you need methods, games or workshop templates, we’ve got you covered. With best practice examples from our many years of consulting experience, the Agile Toolbox is the ultimate solution for conducting highly professional workshops quickly and effectively.

Creating workshops is now as easy as online shopping! The Agile Toolbox is an online platform that allows you to “shop” for method templates with just a few clicks. With a simple structure and practical tips, each individual can easily use the methods without prior methodological knowledge and expand their own methodological competence. All content is available in English and German, and we offer file formats pdf and rtb (miro). Leave ratings and comments under each template to become part of our community of users.

Choose the plan that suits your organization with the flexibility to act using tokens. Purchase 5, 10, or 15 tokens per month, and activate additional content from the access2agile product portfolio on a monthly basis. Only pay for what you use, and unlock an agreed number of content selected by access2agile at the beginning of the term. Billing is then based on the number of downloads, and we’re happy to apply a cost cap. The Agile Toolbox is the ultimate solution for those looking to streamline their workshop preparation and take their collaboration to the next level. Contact us to learn more!